Here is me playing with a peasant dress pattern. I have a size 0-2 baby pattern and a size 6-12 . I needed size 4T .I had to to get a little creative. Here is the  first try”long peasant dress” It won’t fit for long. But she LOVES it.DSC_0003


I enlarged a little more and decided to make this one an “Ode To Davy” . Little Sweeties favorite softie

I made for her a while ago.She named him Davy.Where she came up with that know one knows.

I tried my hand at a little embroidery. I am trying to remember my lessons from decades ago.

Well it looks like Davy………sort of.DSC_0017DSC_0009


And here is the star….Davy.DSC_0026


Wow! what a sweet Easter this year. The sun was shining. The kids were happy. My oldest even made it to dinner.With his lovely girlfriend. I sewed ,I cooked , I drank wine and laughed. It was perfect. These are some pics to prove it.dsc_00361

This is the fashionista matching the eggs.

Below are the rest of the crazy’s huntin” eggs. Of course thr teens just watched as if there were better things to do. But all the others competed with vigor.


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